If you are looking for a home EV charger in Banning, CA, we at Home Team Electric are your go-to electrical provider. We have been impressing our neighbors in the community with our top-notch services for 18 years.

Our team wears shoe covers and cleans up the workspace after the EV charger installation. We carefully listen to your needs and are mindful that we are in your home. We know you are expecting professional, quality services and demeanor.

Trusted Home EV Charger Installation

It is always exciting to bring home your first electric vehicle. The idea of being able to charge it at home means one less stop in your busy day. This also saves you from having to drive around to find an available commercial charger station. There are two types of EV chargers available.

A Level 1 charger is likely what you were supplied at the dealership. It brings the convenience of home charging but has the drawback of long overnight recharge sessions.

The reason for the slow charge is that it works from your 120-volt outlet. A Level 1 charger will typically provide only two or three miles per hour of charge. This is fine if you charge overnight and tend to only drive about 20 to 30 miles per day.

Don’t throw out your Level 1 charger, though. Keep it safe in your vehicle for an emergency if you are stranded somewhere that does not have any public or commercial charging stations.

Level 2 chargers can often cut your charging time significantly. They operate off a 240-volt outlet, like the outlets used by a larger electric dryer. They will help you expand your EV’s range. You can typically get 25 to 30 miles per hour of charge.

That will tend to fill your battery overnight if you have fully depleted it. These types of chargers form the bulk of our installations for our customers. The indoor charging units are mounted on a wall.

One important point is that these types of installations involve working with electrical panels and very high voltage. It is not recommended that homeowners try these as a DIY project. We have years of training and can install your home EV charger safely.

At your home, we will examine your electrical panel to see if you have space available for another 240-volt outlet. Often, unless you have mostly gas appliances, you will need to upgrade the electrical panel for 200-amp service.

We are also going to need to find out where we can install the charging unit. We can provide installations in your garage or outside in the driveway, based on your needs. Outside installations are totally safe.

There are also smart chargers to choose from that use an app. These allow you to schedule the best time to charge your unit through your home’s Wi-Fi system. These systems are a great investment, as they not only allow you to schedule charging at a time that’s convenient for you, but they also help you avoid crowded charging stations around town.

Your battery will last longer if you charge it most nights between 30% and 80%. You can fully charge your EV battery the night before you want to go on a longer trip. Also, the speed of the charge at the commercial charging stations can actually shorten your battery’s life. This is true if you intend to use commercial charging stations frequently.