If you suspect that your home has a Bad Breaker in Palm Springs, CA, we can help. Your home’s circuit breakers play a big role in keeping your home safe. They do it by making sure that the load you place on your home’s wiring never exceeds its capacity. An overloaded electric circuit can cause a fire and pose a risk to everyone and everything in your home. The experts at Home Team Electric can identify a malfunctioning breaker and replace it before it can do damage to your home. There are some common reasons electrical breakers go bad.

Although replacing circuit breakers might seem like a straightforward task, it’s not a DIY-type job. It’s a job that you want to be handled by a professional and done right on the first try. Failure to do so could have some costly and dangerous consequences. That’s why you should always turn to the experts here at Home Team Electric to tend to your circuit breakers and fuses.