Surge Protectors

    If you don’t know much about surge protection, you may assume simply buying a power strip is all you need to do to keep your devices and appliances safe from electrical damage. But what about larger equipment that is plugged directly into the wall, or wired into your main electrical system? And even for smaller devices like laptops and smartphones, not all power strips are equally equipped to protect from power surges.

    The most effective way to lengthen the lifespan of all the technology in your home is to purchase whole-home surge protection that is wired directly to your electric service box. A meter-based surge protector is installed outside your home to reduce power surges generated externally (like lightning strikes) before they ever enter your home.

    Common Sources of Power Surges Include:
    • Lightning Strikes
    • Power Outages
    • Tripped Circuit Breakers
    • Malfunctions by Power Company
    • Power Transitions in Large Equipment
    • Short Circuits
    • Electromagnetic Pulses
    • Inductive Spikes

    Why Add Whole-Home Surge Protection

    The advantages of whole-home surge protectors are numerous, and we always recommend them to our customers. Here are a few of the top reasons to consider investing in surge protection for your California home:

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    In the last decade or two, technology has advanced rapidly. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, video gaming consoles, and other high-tech devices are more common and more complex than ever. Other household gadgets and even major appliances and LED bulbs now contain circuit boards, which are vulnerable to power surges. With more technology to protect than ever before, adding whole-home surge protection makes more sense than ever before.

    Internal Danger

    Many experts say that 80% of power surges are generated internally. This can happen when large appliances like your HVAC unit power on or off. Even if a smaller internal surge doesn’t cause immediate irreparable damage, it wears down your electronics over time.

    External Danger

    Lightning strikes can happen any time, any place. Even if lightning doesn’t hit your home or electric panel, it can hit power lines in your neighborhood and still affect your devices, burning them to a crisp.

    If you are interested in installing a whole-home surge protector in your California home, call our expert electricians 24/7.