Protect your electronic devices and appliances from high-voltage power surges by installing surge protectors in Palm Springs, CA. They divert excess electricity from outlets into a grounding wire. This is usually anything in excess of 120 volts. A brief increase that lasts three nanoseconds or more is considered a surge and that lasts for only one or two nanoseconds is called a spike. It’s actually very easy for both a surge and a spike to damage your electrical devices and shorten their lifespan, which is why you should install extra electrical surge protection.

There are many different types of surge protectors, and they all come with their own unique features, benefits, and disadvantages. Popular options include surge protector strips, whole-house surge protectors, and wall-mount protectors. What should you plug into a surge protector strip?

Each of the different types will have their own features. For example, some protectors have backup batteries and others use a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV), which basically ensures a longer lifespan and a higher overall performance.