What Are The Criteria For 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

    • Fire Department Involvement: Has the fire department shut off power due to a fire?
    • Sparks or Arcing: Are there sparks or arcing in any part of the home?
    • Smoke or Odor: Is there smoke or the smell of smoke in any area?
    • Alarms Activated: Are smoke alarms going off?
    • No AC/Heat: Is there an absence of heating or air conditioning?
    • Unsafe Situations: Is the situation assessed as truly unsafe by our technician?
    • Complete Loss of Power: Is the power to the home completely out?

    Any of the symptoms above could indicate that you have one or more circuit breakers that need replacement. So, if you’re seeing one or more of them inside your home, it’s probably time to call an electrician. It’s also quite important for you to act quickly if you notice any of those symptoms. Damaged or malfunctioning circuit breakers can’t do their job. Since that job is to prevent electrical overloads that lead to fires, time is of the essence when replacing them.