Our professional electricians at Home Team Electric specialize in installing whole-home generators in Palm Springs, CA. Having a whole home or backup generator is an easy way to protect yourself against blackouts and power outages.

We are the go-to Electrical Team for Generator installation and Service. Our Electricians specialize in servicing and installing Generac Generators. Whole house generators are powered by liquid propane or natural gas. When the power is knocked out, either by intense electrical storms or trees falling on power lines, these devices take over within seconds. No more worries about losing the food in your freezer, not having any hot water, or being without lights in your home.

If you have an existing generator that isn’t working properly or has any issues, we also offer expert generator repair services!

Generator Repair and Installation

Having a backup generator for your home is much more useful during a blackout than a portable generator. Portable generators can allow you to charge your phone or power a few things, but they can’t supply electricity to your home. This is where a backup generator comes in handy since this type of unit connects directly to your electrical system.

A device known as an automatic transfer switch (ATS) controls the generator and monitors the electricity flowing into your home. If the ATS detects that your power goes out, it will immediately send a signal for the generator to start. Once it detects that the generator is sending power to your home, it will then temporarily disconnect your house from the electrical grid. This entire process happens very quickly, and your home should again have power in less than a minute.

A backup generator can either run on propane or connect to your home’s natural gas supply. In either case, the generator should be able to continue supplying electricity to your home for two to three weeks if necessary. This means you’ll have protection even if a storm or other issue causes a long-term power outage. As long as the generator is large enough, it can power everything in your home, including your air conditioning. You also won’t have to worry about food spoiling since the generator will also keep your refrigerator and freezer running.

While a backup generator can come in extremely handy, you’ll need to maintain it regularly to ensure it works whenever you need it. One important maintenance task is “exercising” the generator. This means setting it to turn on and run for around 20 minutes.

Some manufacturers recommend doing this monthly, while others say you need to do it every week. In either case, you can use the control panel to set the generator to exercise at a specific time and set intervals. Exercising helps ensure the generator is properly lubricated and also prevents moisture build-up. The other reason it is important is so that you can monitor the generator for any issues.

Signs you might need a generator service include:
  • Excessive noise or unusual sounds
  • Unit smokes or puts out more exhaust than normal
  • Oil pressure is too high or too low
  • Oil leaks
  • Alarm goes off

In addition to regularly exercising your unit, you will also need to have a generator professional change its oil occasionally. After installing the generator, you will usually need to get the oil changed after it runs for around 25 hours. Most manufacturers then recommend additional oil changes every two years or 200 hours of run time. You also need to have an electrician perform additional maintenance tasks like replacing the air filter and checking the spark plugs every four years or 400 hours.

If you maintain your generator properly, it should last between 1,500 and 3,000 hours. If you don’t regularly exercise your generator and have it maintained, its lifespan will likely be much shorter. There is also a much higher chance of it suddenly not working when you need it to and leaving you without power.