Smoke Detectors

    When it comes to protecting your property and family, smoke detectors are one of the most essential tools in your home. As long as you have a few of them, you may not have given a second thought to whether or not they are placed correctly or if you have the right number in your home to accommodate modern electrical codes.

    According to the most recent research and requirements, smoke alarms should be placed inside every bedroom or sleeping location in your home. They should be hard-wired directly into your home’s electrical system, but they should have a backup battery that would allow them to continue functioning during a power outage. When your battery is running low, it should beep to alert you.

    If you live in an older home, it may have been built before requirements like these were established. Many homes still have smoke detectors that are battery-powered only. If you are concerned about safety conditions, or if you plan to lease your home in the future, upgrading your smoke detectors is absolutely necessary.

    Upgrading to Current Electrical Code

    If you need to get your home up to code by installing more smoke detectors or connecting them to the wiring of your main electrical system, Home Team Electric can help. Our expert electricians are well acquainted with modern electrical code requirements and can properly assess the changes you might need to make. If you need smoke detector services in a hurry, call us any time any day. We are available 24/7 for emergency service.

    For smoke detector installations or upgrades to get your home up to code in California, call Home Team Electric. A live customer service representative from our call center will greet you 24/7 and help you schedule your service appointment. Call today.

    Upgrading to Current Electrical Code