When you need an Electrician in Banning, CA, you need a company that’s experienced and reliable. Home Team Electric has you covered for all types of electrical services, from ceiling fan installations to electrical panel upgrades. Our experienced electricians have experience in all types of residential electrical projects. We have an answer for all of your electrical questions and concerns.

Home Team Electric can help with electrical emergencies and planned upgrades to improve your home. Keeping your electrical system up to date makes your life more convenient, and it keeps your family and home safe. Call us when you need a reliable electrical contractor for any electrical job.

Banning, CA. Exceptional Electrical Experts

You never know when you might need a trustworthy electrician in your Banning home. Older homes can be especially prone to electrical problems that need to be repaired by a professional. Outdated wiring could cause overheating and increase the risk of electrical shock or fires. Plus, older homes often can’t keep up with the modern electrical load of most families. But even newer homes can experience electrical problems that call for fast, reliable repairs.

Signs that you need help from an electrical contractor include flickering lights, burning smells, hot outlets, buzzing sounds, and breakers that trip frequently. If anything seems off, call Home Team Electric right away. We’ll get an experienced, licensed electrician to your home quickly to figure out the problem. Our team is ready to handle repairs on the spot to keep your family safe.

Not all electrical services are unexpected emergencies. If you’re planning an upgrade to your wiring or electrical system, Home Team Electric can help with that, too. We can offer advice to solve your issues and improve the functionality of your electrical system. In an older home, our team can rewire everything to make it safer and ensure it’s up to current codes. If you’re remodeling your home, we can add new outlets, light fixtures, and other electrical components. Surge protection can help protect all of your electrical items within your home. We can also help outside with exterior lighting and pool certification and inspection.

Whether planned or unexpected, electrical services are best left to trustworthy, licensed electricians. Working around electrical wiring is dangerous. Our professionals know how to work around electricity safely, and they perform the work meticulously to ensure it’s done correctly. That means you’re left with safe wiring that meets today’s codes, functions properly, and reduces the risk of electrical fires. We make every job easier for our customers, providing exceptional workmanship to give you peace of mind.

At Home Team Electric, we perform a wide range of electrical services, including: