Located in the Sonoran Desert, Palm Springs is a Southern California city with a lot to offer. If you are visiting the area, there are so many beautiful sites and cool destinations to check out. Fancy restaurants, high-end shopping centers, and scenic views are just the beginning. Here are twelve things to see and do when you go to Palm Springs.

1. Check Out Palm Canyon Drive

Warm weather and sunny skies make Palm Springs a beautiful place to take a walk. Palm Canyon Drive is by far one of the city’s best places to go for a leisurely stroll. This stretch lies at the center of the city, and it is lined with countless shops, restaurants, and attractions. Get some exercise, grab a coffee, enjoy window shopping, and admire works of art at the various stops along your walk on Palm Canyon Drive. The best time of day to take this walk is in the late afternoon or early evening when the sun starts to set, and the street lights begin to shine. The ambiance is romantic and relaxing.

2. Take the Tram to the Top

The San Jacinto mountains are an iconic aspect of the Palm Springs landscape. You can reach the peak and enjoy an unforgettable view by taking the aerial tramway. Once you reach the top, you can hop off the tram and have dinner at one of the mountaintop restaurants or spend some time enjoying the view and taking photos. The tram rotates as it ascends, so you’ll be able to see everything as you climb to 8,500 feet above sea level.

3. Visit the Moorten Botanical Garden

Plant lovers can admire desert flora at the Moorten Botanical Gardens. Inside the gardens, cacti from deserts around the world are on display, along with fossils and tortoises. This entire garden can be seen in one hour, so be sure to include it in your Palm Springs itinerary. The best time to visit is in the spring when all the plants are in full bloom, but you can visit the Moorten Botanical Gardens any time you wish.

4. Explore Joshua Tree National Park

If you don’t mind taking a little drive, Joshua Tree Park is just an hour away from Palm Springs. This famous park is located in both the Mojave and the Colorado Desert, and it is definitely worth visiting if you love scenic views and wildlife. Large rock formations and Joshua trees create a unique, gorgeous landscape against wide-open skies. Joshua Tree is easily one of California’s most stunning sights, so don’t miss your chance to check it out when you are visiting Palm Springs.

5. Admire the Architecture

If you’re looking for a fun, free way to kill some time in Palm Springs, you can walk or drive around and admire the marvelous homes. Mid-century modern architecture is the main motif, and many of the mansions you’ll see were designed for celebrities. Admiring these structures from the road is exciting, but some are open to the public for tours. If you visit Palm Springs in February, you can attend Modernism Week to learn more about contemporary architecture.

6. Go Hiking

Nature enthusiasts can explore the gorgeous Indian Canyons located just a few minutes away from Palm Springs. Walking trails will take you past pretty desert plants and fascinating rock formations. The Indian Canyons are an important part of the area’s history and culture, and they are home to the Cahuilla people. If you want to immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Palm Springs, you can spend the day hiking the Indian Canyons.

7. Stroll the Thousand Palm Oasis

Located in the Coachella Valley Preserve, the Thousand Palm Oasis is one of the best places in Palm Springs to unplug from the world and reconnect with nature. Boardwalk trails at the preserve will take you past pretty palm trees, colorful blooms, and a shimmering oasis. Enjoy the views, take photos, and have a picnic at this gorgeous Palm Springs nature preserve.

8. Go Shopping

Palm Springs is one of the best places to go shopping in California. Similar to Rodeo Drive, Palm Springs’ El Paseo is a retail paradise. If you love high-end brands, you can shop until you drop at the Shops on El Paseo. This upscale retail complex also features a selection of fine dining establishments, so you can plan to enjoy a nice meal after you finish shopping. Even if you don’t intend to make a purchase, the Shops on El Paseo is a lovely place to walk and window shop on a sunny day.

9. Enjoy Local Dining Options

Palm Springs is home to some of California’s best dining establishments, and many of them are located at The Gardens on El Paseo. Whether you’re craving wood-fired pizza, classic French cuisine, breakfast favorites, or a juicy steak, you’ll be able to satisfy any craving and experience top-quality food when you’re in Palm Springs. Farm, Bar Cecil, Rooster and Pig, Mr. Lyon’s Steakhouse, and 1501 Uptown Gastropub are just a few of the best restaurants in Palm Springs.

10. Admire Outer Space

If you are fascinated by outer space, you can take a tour of the Observatory at the Rancho Mirage Public Library. This observatory features a PlaneWave telescope that allows you to see stars and planets millions of lightyears away. Free tours are offered daily, and there are also times available for stargazing. You never know what you are going to see when you look up at the sky over Palm Springs.

11. Visit the Tahquitz Canyon Waterfall

The waterfall at Tahquitz Canyon is one of the most beautiful sights in Palm Springs. If you love exploring the great outdoors, you will enjoy the gorgeous scenery as you hike through the canyon to the waterfall. Flowers, cacti, sheep, and cool rock formations can be spotted along the way. The trail loop is a bit rigorous, but it will be worth the effort when you reach the stunning sixty-foot waterfall.

12. Take a Mineral Bath

A trip to Palm Springs wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Desert Hot Springs. The mineral spring, located east of the San Andreas fault, provides warm water to many local spas. Swimming in the mineral spring is a relaxing way to end your vacation in Palm Springs. If you want to book a luxurious spa day, Two Bunch Palms comes highly recommended.

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