With over 25 years of improving Rancho Mirage Homes CA, our electrical company can install a whole-home surge protector and deliver exemplary system upgrades to ensure surge protection for countless area homeowners. Our entire crew consists solely of fully licensed master electricians, many with advanced technical training, wholly committed to meeting each client’s needs with distinction.

Rancho Mirage Whole-Home Surge Protector Services

As seasons and blazing temperatures strain electrical grids, homeowners experience more power surges threatening expensive equipment. Our surge protectors proactively defend against such hazards. We evaluate your unique needs before custom-tailoring robust smart home surge defense.

We install Eaton or Liebert whole-home units featuring self-monitoring IoT capabilities, multi-strike capacities, transparent filters, and compact designs requiring no extra space. Licensed staff properly integrate your system with meticulous care to safety protocols on existing wiring configurations without remodeling hassles. We support post-installation optimization for seamless functionality.

Beyond high-quality surge protectors, we offer a wide spectrum of essential electrical solutions to modernize Rancho Mirage homes seamlessly. Our services span necessary lighting design/upgrades to illuminate interiors and exteriors while enhancing aesthetics and safety, backup power generators to maintain operations during outages, full-service wiring of additions/remodels to expand living space hassle-free, and thorough troubleshooting of mysterious electrical glitches before they become costlier problems.