Contemporary homes have many different appliances and devices that can benefit from surge protection in Beaumont, CA.

Most homeowners are familiar with the portable plug-in strips that protect items in specific rooms or areas. These devices only offer limited protection as they can’t handle many items. Consider a whole home surge protector instead of placing portable strips in multiple rooms. These are installed directly on the electrical panel and provide extra protection for expensive items, like your HVAC system, as well as anything plugged in. We strongly encourage the use of a licensed electrician.

Beaumont, CA. Whole Home Surge Protection Advantages

Although many of our customers have heard of electrical surges, many are unsure what they are and how they can damage your home. Power surges occur when the voltage traveling through your home’s wires suddenly increases beyond the standard 120 volts.

Many scenarios can cause electrical surges, including faulty wiring, incorrect lighting, and high-powered devices. A problem called “electronic rust,” which happens because your utility company cannot keep up with demand, may also be responsible.

These sudden voltage increases cause energy to flow through wires and cables at such high speeds that it overheats them, causing breakdowns and damage. Your home probably experiences hundreds of power surges annually, many times without damage.

But even when they don’t, the damage can accumulate and strain the internal components of various devices. More significant surges only last a few seconds but can cause more substantial damage. This could be the case when something mysteriously stops working.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association indicates about 60% to 80% of surges occur inside homes due to faulty wiring. For example, a large, older appliance nearing the end of its life may frequently cycle on and off, causing spikes in power.

Other events that can result in power surges include downed power lines and nearby lighting strikes that can send a spike through your entire home, frying your whole electrical system and everything connected to it.

A whole home surge protector works by automatically pulling the current from one outlet and passing it through to the other devices. Many contain a metal oxide varistor (MOV), which acts like a valve to ensure devices receive a consistent power level.

When it detects high voltage levels, it reduces resistance and increases it when voltage levels are too low. Some whole home devices work by rerouting the electrical charge into the ground via a wire. These devices can prevent catastrophic events like the failure of your entire electrical system.