Your home is filled with cords, outlets, and electronics that could potentially harm your animal companions. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to protect your pets without spending a lot of money or time. You may not be able to remove every potential safety hazard, but you can still protect against the most likely issues. Here are some easy tips that will keep your home and animals safer.

Invest in Quality Equipment

Phone chargers and extension cords can easily be found in grocery stores and bargain shops. While these devices are cheap and convenient, they pose unique risks to the safety of both you and your pets. Cheap electronics are more likely to overheat, spark, and fail prematurely. They may be helpful for a few weeks at most, but they’re ultimately not worth the risk to your household.

Invest in quality cords and electronics that won’t malfunction or put your pet at risk. Higher quality cords often come with guarantees of excellence. Some even have a bitterant already added to them to discourage chewing and biting. Superior electronics will keep your animal safe from accidental shocks or electrocution while saving you money in the future.

Don’t Leave Cords Out

Keeping your cords in order can be difficult when you’re in a rush or don’t know how to organize places like your TV stand. A large volume of cords in one area attracts trouble whether it’s from small children or animals in the home. Keep your wires off the ground as much as possible, and consider cord organizers for more complicated areas. Power cords should never be underfoot as they can easily be damaged by furniture, rugs, or high foot traffic.

Cleaning up your cords also improves the overall look of an area. No one wants to show guests a messy TV stand or living room full of overlapping, knotted wires. Practicing good electrical habits improves the safety of your home and prolongs the lifespan of your electronics.

Unplug Cords When Possible

When you’re not using a device, unplug it from the wall, and put it away. Toasters, coffee makers, lamps, gaming systems, and more are often left plugged in when they’re not being used. This creates an electrical hazard in the home when left unattended. Unplugging your electronics can lower your utility bills and save your animal from biting into an active wire.

While chewing on unplugged electronics isn’t safe, it likely won’t cause permanent damage to your pet. However, if the wire is plugged in or the device is currently on, your pet is much more likely to experience serious harm or pain. Immediately visit a veterinarian if you believe your pet has swallowed wiring.

Avoid Leaving Electronics Unattended

Space heaters and Christmas trees are two of the most likely electrical devices to be left alone while on. Both of these devices put pets at risk. Avoid leaving powered devices unattended when you have animals in the home. Pets of every age can trip or get too close to your electronics, causing damage to themselves and your belongings.

If left unsupervised, your animal could easily turn an unattended electronic into a fire risk. It’s important to both prepare your home for a new animal and to consistently practice safe electrical habits that keep your loved ones safe.

Train Your Pet

One of the best ways to keep your pet away from electrical hazards is to train them. Discourage your pets from interacting with wires and instead direct them to other toys they’ll enjoy. Dogs specifically need constant playtime to keep them entertained. Ensure your pets’ needs are being met and that they’re not struggling with chewing or digging instincts.

Training an animal when they’re young promotes safety in the future. Even when your pet has reached old age, they’ll still likely remember the training they received in the past. Consider contacting a professional animal trainer if you’re not sure how best to train your pet companion.

Use Deterrent Sprays

If you’re struggling to train a new puppy or if you have an adult animal that still chews and bites, try deterrent sprays. These sprays are often made of all-natural ingredients and designed to be applied to intact wires and cords. Never spray liquids on any damaged cords, outlets, or power strips. These deterrents will keep any curious animals away and protect your devices.

You can also try childproofing your home with outlet covers and cabinet locks that keep animals from interacting with electronics tucked away. Every animal is different and may require a unique approach to keep it safe. By training your pets and having a full grasp of their needs, you can minimize their desire to chew and scratch your wiring and cords.

Create a Safe Space

Designate a room in your house completely free of electronics, cords, and wiring. This area should have no electrical access and be completely safe for animals. While the rest of your home is likely generally secure, this area will be 100% protected. You should feel comfortable leaving your animal here if you have to run outside or to the store.

By creating an electricity-free area, you don’t have to worry about potential fire risks or shocks when you’re not nearby. You can make this room into an area where you keep your pets’ toys or only use it when you need to leave the home. By being aware of the electronics and outlets in each room, you can more thoroughly protect your animal from accidents.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Risks

Once you’ve secured the inside of your home, it’s time to consider the potential outdoor risks. Many homes today use garden lighting and other devices outside on the patio or in the flowerbeds. You may even need to use tools to cut your hedges regularly or to clean the shutters. Every home comes with its fair share of electrical hazards that put your pets at risk.

Protect your pets by being aware of what interests them and what they can access. If you plan to use extension cords outside, keep your animals in the backyard away from your projects. Address any visible wiring, and give your pets other toys or activities to enjoy. Every pet companion deserves a home that’s safe from dangerous electrical hazards.

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