Do you need a home EV charger in Beaumont, CA? Home Team Electric is your local, Beaumont preferred electrician. We are one of the leading installers of this technology in your area. We understand that equipping your home with an EV charger installation is the most efficient and convenient way to replenish your vehicle’s battery.

The sustainable energy requirements for motor vehicles are quickly shifting. Therefore, having a reliable EV charging solution at home is more critical than ever. We recognize that our busy clients in Beaumont want their electric vehicles charged and ready to go when they need them.

A safe and reliable home EV charger lets you accomplish this. It also gives you peace of mind in knowing you won’t have to hunt for a station or wait an extended time for a recharge while on the go.

Beaumont EV Charger Installation

When you work with our team at Home Team Electric in Beaumont, you can expect a seamless home EV charger installation experience. Our installations entail more than simply attaching a charger to your garage door wall.

Upon arriving at the initial service appointment, a technician will start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your premises. Here, the primary objective is to identify the most suitable charging solution for your home and electric vehicle.

After we analyze your situation by looking at your garage layout, electrical infrastructure, and EV requirements, we’ll suggest the most optimal charging solution for your application.

Once we identify a charger that meets your requirements, we’ll start obtaining all the necessary permits to ensure the work is up to code. This way, you can feel confident that the installation is safe, legal, and will properly integrate with your home electrical network.

After finalizing the installation, we will guide you in a personalized walkthrough of your new setup, instructing you on precisely how to operate your new home EV charger. Our technician will furnish you with all the necessary safety tips and maintenance procedures at this stage.

By the end of the appointment, we will address any unanswered questions you have about how to get the most out of your new charging system. We trained extensively in the latest charging technologies.

Our technicians will actively look to keep you informed at every step to ensure you receive a lasting, high-quality home EV charging solution.

Our class-leading EV charger solutions include these services.
  • Custom home charger selection
  • Expert installations
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Permit and code compliance
  • Post-installation support

Expert Home EV Charger Services

At Home Team Electric, we are more than your standard electrician team. We want to be Beaumont’s exclusive partner in finding innovative and sustainable energy solutions. That’s why our home EV charging station experts always take a holistic approach to your installation. We go the extra mile to understand the unique requirements of your home and vehicle.