At Home Team Electric, we’re ready to install your EV Sharging Station in La Quinta, CA. If you own an electric car, you’ll want an EV Charging Station on your property.

This will ensure that you can get home after a day of driving, plug your vehicle in, and have it be ready to go in the morning. You won’t have to worry about finding a commercial charging station and waiting for your vehicle to charge. Installing a station on your property can be a great long-term investment. You can trust an expert to perform a quality installation, and we’ll make sure that everything is hooked up properly.

There are many benefits to installing an EV Station on your property. An EV expert can help you decide how many chargers to install and place them in the best location possible.

EV Charging Station Installation Services

It’s important to have a skilled electrician install a charging unit. They’ll use high-quality parts and materials for everything they do and give each job their full attention from start to end. Before a job is started, you’ll have the chance to review and approve a detailed and accurate cost estimate.

There are multiple reasons to have charging stations on your property.

  • Increased convenience
  • Higher property value
  • Improved vehicle battery life
  • Cost saving