How do you know if you need a new electrical panel installation in Beaumont, CA, or the nearby areas? Your electric panel is the controlling point of your home’s power supply. It plays a significant role in your home’s daily activities. It is crucial to have a modern power panel that can handle your growing needs for electricity.

Scheduling an electric panel upgrade with our Beaumont, CA. electricians at Home Team Electric also allows you to enjoy better safety from electrical faults. You can have as many electronics as you need without worrying about tripping or overloading the circuits.

Why Professional Electric Panel Upgrade?

Problems with your electrical system pose many safety risks. Overloaded circuits or an outdated or failing control panel can pose a fire risk. With automated homes, smart appliances, and numerous mobile devices, our power demands are ever-increasing. If you have an older house, your need for electricity has likely eclipsed the panel’s capacity. This makes it unsafe and inefficient.

Many signs indicate that you’re overdue for an upgrade. These include flickering lights and frequently tripping breakers. You might have gotten used to managing your electricity use, such as never using the microwave when the dishwasher is going. More serious signs include burning smells or unusual sounds from the electric panel.

Older panels may also be out of compliance with current building codes. Compliance with the building codes helps you keep your family safe from electrical fire hazards. Our team can help you upgrade with enhanced features so you can always have peace of mind while operating your electronics. It also ensures that your insurance company will not find you at fault for not complying with the set standards in case of a fire accident.

If you want the freedom to run all your electronics and appliances, you need a modern panel that can support a multitude of circuits. You will not worry about overloading your circuits or not getting enough power to run your home. This significantly helps those who want a smart home or invest in various modern home equipment. Our installation team will help you increase your energy flow so the entire house can run efficiently without constant power tripping.

Another benefit of an electric panel upgrade is energy efficiency. Modern electrical panels help improve your energy efficiency considerably by minimizing energy waste.

Investing in an electrical panel upgrade will also improve your home’s value significantly. If you plan to sell your house, this should be among the top things to do to get a better price for your property. It can also attract buyers when the work is already done.

We offer many services regarding your electrical panel, including:
  • Electrical panel inspections
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Whole-home surge protection
  • New electrical panel installation

With an upgraded electrical panel, you’ll enjoy more benefits than not worrying about tripping breakers. You may have held off on buying certain appliances because of power limitations. You’ll also have a smaller carbon footprint because new electrical panels offer greater energy efficiency. You’ll be safer, too, with enhanced safety features to reduce the risk of fire and electrocution.

Some new electrical panels also offer energy monitoring features. These can give you an accurate picture of how much energy you’re spending, when, and on what. With this information, you can make smarter decisions and potentially lower your monthly bills. Many modern panels are also compatible with renewable energy sources.