If you have a home in Rancho Mirage, CA that’s over five decades old with the same panel and wiring, you may need an electrical panel upgrade. This service involves updating your panel to ensure higher capacity and efficiency. Our professional electricians can help you remove the old system and install a new one. A professional electrical panel installation guarantees safety and protects your electronics and home from electrical fire damage.

Rancho Mirage’s Electric Panel Upgrade

Electricians usually install an electrical panel during a new build. The panel is essentially the heart of the entire electrical system and helps regulate the power flowing to all the rooms. With such a vital role, it is essential to have a professionally installed panel to enjoy a steady power supply.

However, if you have an old home in Rancho Mirage, you need to call Home Team Electric to check the age and functioning of the panel. Old panels have a lower capacity and may limit the amount of power supplied to your outlets. Thanks to technology, homes today require a lot of electronics, meaning an increased demand for energy.

Therefore, if you have an old electric panel but want to invest in a modern home, consider an electric panel upgrade. You can plug in all your electronics without worrying about circuit tripping or damaging your outlets.

Additionally, the energy industry keeps evolving, and there are numerous changes to wiring and panel designs. Therefore, keeping your old electric panel may mean your home does not meet the required building codes. Newer panels have better safety measures, thus protecting your electronics and family. You will also enjoy improved energy efficiency due to better power regulation. Scheduling electrical panel installation services with our Rancho Mirage electricians will give you peace of mind throughout the year.