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  • Home Team Electric: Electrical Expertise in Coachella, California

    The last thing the Home Team wants is for Coachella to run into electrical issues. Our team of expert electricians will do anything possible to make sure you can relax at home with zero worries about faulty electrical gear. If you are looking for expert electricians to service your Coachella home, look no further. Home Team Electric is proud to provide service to Coachella residents 24/7. Here are some reasons to choose Home Team Electric for your next project or repair.

    Expert Electricians

    Every electrician on our team is background checked, drug tested, and fully licensed before they ever walk through your door. We train our team to be courteous, accommodating, and on time for your scheduled service. We want you to be completely satisfied with the service provided by members of our team, and we offer a money-back guarantee.

    Quality Service

    Just like in golf the best score you can get is a hole in one. Here at Home Team Electric, we aim to do the same thing to make your first shot be your last shot needed to fix an issue.  From the moment you make your initial phone call to the end of our work in your Coachella home, we want you to be satisfied with our workmanship and customer service. Call us 24/7 and speak to a live call center. Schedule service any time, any day and we will be there! An electrician will give you a call prior to your appointment to let you know he is on the way. While working in your home, our team will always give it the Red Carpet Treatment, which means we will wear shoe covers while we work, keep our area clean, and make sure everything looks spotless before we leave. Afterward, we will call you again to follow up and ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

    Our Services Include:

    Electrical Water Heating Services

    Imagine waking up and going into the shower and the first thing hitting you is cold water. Even living in a great place as Coachella, California you still have a chance of this happening. A water heater supplies you will all the hot water throughout your house and without it then no more hot baths after a hard days work. To prevent this from happening to you then keep an eye out for one of these signs: No hot water, Very little hot water, or even scalding water. Experiencing any of these signs means you may want to contact a professional. Thankfully our electricians here at Home Team Electric are trained and ready to help the people of Coachella, California with any issues they may be having with their electrical water heaters.


    The worst thing to happen is while you are cooking or cleaning then all of a sudden the lights go out. After spending the time to buy a new bulb and putting it in imagine the light is still not working. Most people would think they bought a faulty bulb or think they can fix the issue themselves. Home Team Electric would greatly recommend you to call us and have us come into repair your light. This can save time and potentially money so you don’t risk making the issue worse then it already is.

    Contact Our Team

    The biggest issue people may have is knowing when they should contact an electrician. Due to how important electricity is to people nowadays when something goes wrong it can completely ruin someone’s day. That’s why here at Home Team Electric we will happily take your calls and fix any issue you might be having no matter how small it is. Trying to fix electrical equipment yourself has a higher chance or destroying your equipment or hurt yourselves in the process. You should always take the extra steps to contact a professional to come in and repair any electrical problems you might be having. Contact Home Team Electric today to fix any issues you might be having with your electrical panels, outlets,  lights, etc.

    For quality, affordable service from expert electricians with upfront pricing, call family-owned and operated Home Team Electric. We serve residents of Coachella 24/7! Call today at (760) 369-1002.