Electric in Plam Springs, CA
April 20

How To Tell if Your Home’s Wiring Needs Replacement

Of all of your home’s major infrastructure systems, its electrical wiring is among the most critical. Many of the things you depend on in your… View Article Read More

Electrician Working on Breaker in Palm Springs, CA
February 14

Power Surges: Understanding Them and Their Impact on Light Bulbs

A power surge is an unexpected, sometimes dangerous, increase in electrical current that can cause significant damage to your appliances and light fixtures. Understanding what… View Article Read More

National Electrical Code in Coachella valley, CA
January 20

How the National Electrical Code (NEC) Is Changing in 2023

Every three years, the National Electrical Code (NEC) is updated to maintain the safe installation of electrical equipment and wiring. Electricians and other contractors are… View Article Read More

The Reason Your Smoke Detector Keeps Beeping
December 14

The Reason Your Smoke Detector Keeps Beeping

Are you struggling with a smoke detector that randomly goes off? If you don’t see any signs of a fire, it can be tempting to… View Article Read More

Fuse in Palm Springs, CA
November 18

Reasons a Fuse Can Blow

Most Coachella Valley homes constructed after 1965, as well as those built before that date that have updated electrical services, use circuit breakers to protect… View Article Read More