If you own an electric car, you should consider having an EV charging station in Palm Desert, CA, put into your residence. As you reduce your carbon footprint and save money, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of charging your vehicle at home, which fits directly into today’s busy lifestyle. Before installing a charging station, consult with the professional electricians at Home Team Electric. We’ll help you choose the right charging equipment and ideal outlet for a safe and fast car charge.

Expert EV Charging Station Installation

The automobile industry continues to shift toward more eco-friendly cars. As a resident of Palm Desert, you’ve probably seen several charging stations in different areas of the city. However, due to a busy work schedule, you may not always have the time to park and plug your electric vehicle in one of these public stations. Also, partial charges aren’t a good idea because you’ll shorten your car’s battery life.

You should consider having an EV charger installed on your property by our expert electricians. This will allow you to conveniently charge your electric vehicle in your private driveway or garage. A Level 1 EV charger is ideal for light vehicle use, where you can charge your car overnight. These chargers are easy to install, and they connect to a standard 120-volt outlet. However, Level 2 charging stations are the ones preferred by most homeowners because of a faster charging time of about three hours.

Here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy by having an EV charging station at your Palm Desert home:

  • Reduced charging costs
  • Convenience and safety
  • Enhanced property value
  • Equipment dependability and longevity