If you want a home EV charger in Rancho Mirage, CA, Home Team Electric is the best electrical company to call. We’re the experts for EV charger installations, maintenance, and repairs, and we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

We offer Level 2 EV chargers with cutting-edge, feature-rich designs and indoor and outdoor installations. We provide all of the electrical system refinements necessary for supporting these all-important home additions.

You can count on us for high-quality products and consistently excellent workmanship.

Rancho Mirage EV Charger Installation

A home EV charger eliminates the need to wait for public charging stations and pay their increasingly high costs. They also make daily EV driving possible.

Most electric vehicles come with simple, Level 1 charging cords. These cords work in standard 120-volt outlets and offer easy, plug-and-play functionality. Unfortunately, they can take up to two days to complete the job. With a long, busy commute, you’ll need a more powerful charging solution for your Rancho Mirage home.

Level 2 EV chargers can restore full EV battery power within four to 10 hours. This is far shorter than the 40 to 50 hours that Level 1 chargers take.

Level 2 charging stations require professional EV charger installation. These units need specially installed 240-volt outlets. We install home EV chargers on dedicated outlets and dedicated circuits. This minimizes the risk of electrical overload, circuit breaker trips, electrical fires, and small indoor power surges.

For many Rancho Mirage homes, home EV charger installation requires important electrical system updates. Installing equipment in a home that hasn’t had its outlets or wiring replaced in decades won’t provide the best outcome.

We’ll make sure that your electrical system is capable of supporting these modern devices. When we’re done, you’ll have a charger with the latest capabilities and technologies.

Among the many electrical system refinements we offer are:
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Whole-house surge protection
  • Hardwired EV chargers
  • Outlet replacement

As you add new, major appliances to your home, whole-house surge protection becomes increasingly important. Surge protection will keep your home EV charger safe from power surges originating inside the building. It also protects against external power surges, such as those that occur with utility service disruptions.

Hardwiring residential EV chargers allows for better connections to vehicles. Hardwired EV charging installations also accommodate a greater range of amperage and more charging speeds.

You should have your charger hardwired if you want smart functionality and easy integration with your other smart home features. In some cases, hardwiring these appliances can even prove cheaper than outlet-based installations in Rancho Mirage.

When installing a residential EV charger, it’s important to choose a feasible indoor or outdoor location. If you have a large garage and plenty of room for parking, you can install your EV charging station indoors.

This way, you won’t run over and damage cords or other components while pulling in or backing out. EV chargers rated for outdoor installation come with waterproof designs and watertight seals.

Outdoor installations allow for more indoor space for storing tools and lawn equipment or engaging in your favorite in-garage activities. Outdoor installations work well for people who use their garages for exercising, gaming, woodworking, or other hobbies.

Residential EV charging station installation adds value to homes and gives consumers more control over their EV battery power. In most cases, it also greatly reduces ongoing EV charging costs. With in-house EV charging, you can increase the marketability of your Rancho Mirage home and save time and money.